iPhone 4S sells out across U.S. carriers

9to5mac and Businessweek reported that the iPhone 4S has sold out totally across AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Users however can still get their orders in delivery if they go to AT&T, but they have pushed back delivery times 3- 4 weeks back. Shipping is expected to be the same for the other networks, Verizon and Sprint, but we haven’t seen any set times on their websites yet.

Apple announced earlier that they have already sold 1 million iPhone 4S across 100 world carriers in 24 countries, which does not come near in comparison to the iPhone 4 which sold 600,000 units across the first five launch countries.

If you have not still ordered you iPhone 4S we recommend that you do it now or go to the nearest Apple Store and try to see if they still have stock left. They are going fast there is no time for thinking about, go out, buy it, and you wont regret it.


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