Another iPhone 5 Case That Confirms 4 Inch screen

All iPhone 5 rumors confirms that the iPhone 5 will be with larger display , as we received another leaked photo for iPhone 5 case .And we are sure that this case is not for iPhone 4S as the iPhone 4S supposed to be like the iPhone 4 ,also Otterbox has produced about 3,000,000 cases for the iPhone 4S and don’t look like this one.

Judging by the size of the case compared to the hand  it seems safe to say that the next iPhone (iPhone 5) will have at least  4 screen, inline with the other leaks seen across the net.

This would finally bring the popular iPhone 5 on par with what seems to be the trend amongst rival manufacturers with phones reaching and exceeding that 4 mark.

Check another iPhone 5 cases that confirms that the iPhone 5 with larger display from here .



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