iPhone 5 component orders reportedly reduced due to “weak” product demand

In a feature published by the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino-based Apple is reported to have reduced its orders for parts and components for the iPhone 5, with “weaker-than-expected” demands being noted to be the cause.

While reports note that demand for the latest iPhone model had been strong since its unveiling on September last year, that same demand is noted to have reached its “saturation point” last December, with various Online Apple Stores announcing the availability of the item, a condition which wasn’t quite true when compared against previous months.

iPhone 5
The report raises the point that the dwindling interests over the product is most likely the cause for the reported reduction of component orders, but it also touches up on a rumor that Apple is pushing for plans of releasing a low-cost iPhone model within the year.

It is unclear as to which of the two cited causes is most likely the reason why parts and component orders for the iPhone 5 had been reduced, but it seems that there is certainly some significant changes orbiting around the iPhone 5 and the iPhone series as a whole.

As a series, the iPhone is famed for redefining the mobile industry, with a form factor and user interface setup designed to bank on comfort and convenience points.

Integral in the development of current mobile industry standards, the news of the iPhone 5’s component orders being reduced bears significant weight on what’s ahead for the iPhone, though its standing could be borne from more interest being put on another Apple iDevice in the iPad Mini.

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