DigitalLife : No iPhone 5 on October And iPhone 4S on October 21

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 bad news appears again,this time the news come from the Greek site DigitalLife .The iPhone 5 bad news is that Apple will launch only the iPhone 4S on October 21th and no iPhone 5 on this date.

Apple, therefore, is preparing to launch iPhone 4S only , an updated model than the current one: the same design, but Apple’s dual-core processor A5 and camera 8Mpx .

The exclusion of the iPhone 5 among the models presented this year is in line with those reported by other rumors, but not reported by several Chinese producers have already shown that new cases are associated with their Apple smartphone. One thing is certain: never before this year the focus is the presentation of October 4th.

This what DigitalLife said , But here in Smash iPhone we predict the launch of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S on October .

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