iPhone 5 Preorders Now Available?

With October drawing near, it is impossible not to hear talk about the next iPhone, with various rumors noting that it is scheduled for release announcement by September 12, as countless reports indicate that Apple’s all set for a media announcement by September 23, 2012.

With the iPhone’s status being THE “BMW of smartphones”, anticipation over the release of the new model is understandable, and as such, scams and fraudulent activities have come up revolving around its release.

Pre orders of the new model stand to be one.

Given the fact that Apple has yet to officially unveil the next iPhone model, the Tweets of countless netizens, announcing that they had already issued pre orders for the upcoming gadget have been described by many online media watchdogs as “disturbing”.

The situation can only be explained by: people are just trying to win one over their friends, claiming that they’re all set for the new model, pre orders for the next iPhone have already been open, or some enterprising scammers have successfully lured in victims to their scams.

Based on a report from Gizmodo, the number of Tweets touching up on iPhone pre orders are actually disturbing, considering that no official statement from Apple about pre orders have been issued, and it’s quite unlikely that the company would just open pre orders without announcing it.

So its either people are just trying to pull their friends’ legs, or there’s a huge market for fraudulent iPhone pre orders ongoing.

Either way, exercise caution when you do get to encounter any pre order sales portals for this new iPhone. Better yet, it is best to wait for Apple’s official release of the said product, in ensuring that pre orders are legitimate and true.

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