iPhone Accessory Review – iRig Mic Cast

For our iPhone Accessory review for this entry, we’ll be touching up on the iRig Mic Cast by IK Multimedia, a smart accessory which complements memo and/or podcast functions/use of the iPhone.

A combination of software and hardware components, the iRig Mic Cast by IK Multimedia is perfect for extending the iPhone’s purpose as a video recorder, a must-have item for users who maintain blogs or regularly broadcast podcasts, as well as a must have accessory for journalists who often require the use of enhanced recorders for field coverages and interviews.

The iRig Mic Cast by IK Multimedia

Rolled out last May 2012, the iRig Mic Cast is designed for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and can be used to record live audio and video calls, with a miniature microphone which fits to an iDevice.

Compact, the miniature microphone can be easily brought around (as a keychain, perhaps), given that its size isn’t all that big. Designed to pick up “core recording audio patterns”, the device can record audio without any background noise, enhancing the chances of capturing broadcasted audio with a performance enhanced microphone.

It can be easily used in recording presentations and interviews, along with the transmission of enhanced clear audio qualities on Skype and/or FaceTime. The process of recording notes, speeches, lectures, and even meetings is made more clear with the iRig Mic Cast, doing away with poor audio signals often encountered when singularly recording events.

Also, the miniature microphone can work in conjunction with an iDevice’s video recording capacities, enhancing the audio quality of recorded videos.

So if podcasts and regularly recording speeches are among your day-to-day tasks, the iRig Mic Cast with your iPhone will surely make a difference in the quality of your recordings.

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