iPhone loosing its luster in Asia’s trend-setting cities

While Apple’s iPad Mini has shown significant growth and interest from electronic consumers, the Cupertino-based gadget maker’s iPhone is losing its luster in Asia, particularly in key trend-setting cities in the region.

A report from Reuters indicate that more and more electronic consumers based in places like Hong Kong and Singapore are starting to show signs of non-interest in the iPhone, a standing which takes after the popularity of other rival products.

Commuters use their smartphones in a train in Singapore
In Singapore, for example, Apple’s iPhone took a huge chunk of the market share pie in January of 2012, standing at 72%. Recent stats, January 2013, note that that figure has dwindled to 50%.

Though 50% is still a huge market share chunk, the decline from last year’s figure says something about just what Asian markets have to say about Apple’s current and upcoming iPhone variants, with majority of electronic consumers more inclined towards getting Android-driven products from Samsung and other brands.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, in particular, has proven to be a huge hit in Asia, given how both Samsung and Google are steadily coming up with new design innovations and software-featured-functions in each of their new offerings.

While the report isn’t exactly a foreboding prediction of doom for Apple, its overall content says something about Apple’s chances in actually dominating Asia’s mobile gadgetry realms.

With features such as removable batteries and customizable software/operating systems, not to mention relatively cheaper price point options, it isn’t altogether strange to hear of iPhone users shifting to the Android side of things.

What say you? Think Apple still has the chance to win over Asia’s growing mobile market?

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