iPhone once again ranks at the top in JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey

For the 9th consecutive time, the iPhone by Apple ranks at the top in the recently concluded JD Power customer satisfaction rankings, with the results proving to be a huge win for the Cupertino-based brand in its standing in the mobile industry.

Earing an 855 score (out of 1000), the iPhone bested its competitors in the survey’s Smartphone Index Rankings, besting Nokia, which had raked in a 796 score.

Following after Nokia are Samsung with a rated score of 793, Motorola with 792, and then HTC which scored 790.

LG came in sixth place with a score of 744, with the ratings finally ending with BlackBerry which got a score of 732.

iPhone once again ranks at the top in JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey
In explaining the scope of the survey, senior director of telecommunication services of JD Power and Associates Kirk Parsons explains:

“As the capabilities of wireless phones and their applications continue to expand, and as customers grow more reliant on their device, handset manufacturers have an opportunity to further shape the customer experience and impact satisfaction with better integration of services and more communication options, such as video chat.”

“It is important, however, that manufacturers meet the expectations of those customers who take advantage of such offers by ensuring the features are intuitive and, ultimately, rewarding to them. Providing an easy-to-use, yet powerful operating system with the ability to customize applications to suit individual needs is essential to providing a high-quality and rewarding wireless experience.”

Apart from the tallied and rated scores, the survey also implemented a  “Power Circles” merit system, with five “Power Circles” being the highest attained by Apple.

Following after Apple are Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and HTC, which each garnered three “Power Circle” points. BlackBerry and LG followed after the four brands, each earning two “Power Circles”.

Though far from being testaments of truth, surveys like the one recently spearheaded by JD Power and Associates stand as a benchmark on the quality and expected functionality of devices offered by various brands.

To certain extent, their implementation offers an inside look on what electronic consumers have to expect from manufacturers, in terms of the overall qualities of their featured wares and after sales services.

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