iPhone revealed to have bested Nokia’s mobile internet usage stats

9to5Mac reports that the iPhone recently topped Nokia’s stats, in terms of internet usage.

Based on the records of StatCounter, a web analytics firm, the said scenario is reported to be a first, one which doesn’t really come as a surprise given how the iOS and Android mobile operating systems are currently dominating the mobile industry as a whole.

Given that it is no secret that Nokia has somewhat lost its place in the mobile market and mobile industry, it can be said that the report’s data stands to be somewhat moot, since it essentially echoes something which everyone already knows about, or at least is aware of.

iPhone revealed to have bested Nokia’s mobile internet usage stats
However, the report does hold significant value in reminding electronic consumers of how quick technology and industry standards are in shifting from one leader to another.

Lest it is forgotten, Nokia did dominate the mobile industry for years, with the Symbian operating system running most of its featured handsets. Given that the first iPhone rolled out in 2007 and the first Android phone a year after, it has to be said that both the iOS and Android operating systems haven’t been around as long as Nokia’s operating system has been, saying something about how quick the months and years change from one industry leader to another.

In a time when it seemed that Nokia was unbeatable, the inevitable did happen, with new standards eventually crippling the once world leader for mobile phones. The case of BlackBerry – which just celebrated the launch of two new mobiles and a new operating system – drives the point further.

Bottom line, as the iPhone had finally topped Nokia’s internet usage stats, let us all be reminded of how that scenario could possibly shift in time.

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