iTV Concept Design (Photos)

Heard about iTV? Well, if you haven’t then you will would be interested to know that it is the new, redesigned UI TV from Apple. This new iTV is expected to include the Siri personal assistant so you would be able to speak to your TV rather than use a remote. Pretty cool yea!

This TV id being designed by Guilherme M. Schasiepen as 9to5Mac reported and is expected to include features like: Siri control, iCloud, AirPlay, 3D no-glasses, iTV Apps and of course a multi-touch screen.

It is a truly beautiful device, enjoy looking it in the pictures below.. and go all the way to the end for a nice little surprise.

Our little surprise is that you can now see the iTV via a rotating image. Click here to view. It is quite a sight indeed.

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