Julian Assange of Wikileaks calls Facebook a terrible machine to spy people

The founder of the famous Wikileaks, Julian Assange , stated that the well-known Social network Facebook is basically a terrible source of information to know anything about people. A very good weapon for espionage.

Here’s the full release from Assange comment about what he thinks is the current situation in Facebook:

The most scary of espionage machine ever invented. We have the most complete database on the world’s people, their relationships, their names, addresses, geographical location, the communications between the one and the other, their relatives, all preserved and accessible in the United States by U.S. intelligence. They do not need a warrant or to exploit the intelligence services are sufficient legal and political pressures. Being too expensive to distribute the records one by one, they have developed an interface for U.S. intelligence, automating the process. Everyone should understand that when you add Facebook friends are doing a job for free agent on behalf of U.S. intelligence, helping to build their database.

Also remember that long ago Assange, at an event organized at the University of Cambridge, rilsciĆ² another statement against the popular social network:

It is a technology that promotes human rights. It is a technology that promotes coexistence. It is a technology that can be used to establish a totalitarian regime based on intelligence, a regime that has not yet been achieved. The activists, however, can join hands and turn it into something different, what we all hope.

These statements appear to be quite strong, but we believe that Assange is not the only person feeling this way and that in the end many of us know the situation perfectly .. although we continue to use it.


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