Lets Talk iPhone: The iPod nano and iPod Touch (Photos)

During the Lets Talk iPhone event earlier today, Phil Shiller talked to us about the iPod. We have heard a lot of rumours about iPods being discontinued and other being introduced and now we will find out that is actually going on.

First up was the iPod nano, which Apple think is a fun way to listen to music on the move. There have been some updates this year to the iPod nano. The design is not even more compact, a multi-touch display has been introduced, volume buttons, integrated clip, pedometer and finally FM radio.

There is also a new app that improves the fitness experience, it records walks and runs that users has been one, how far they went and how long it took. There are now 16 different clock faces for the iPod nano clock. It is really useful to have a clock if you are going out for a run and don’t want to take anything other than your iPod so why not go all out and have 16 different faces? This app turns your iPod screen into a clock and also an additional hand has been given so that it is an actual watch. Isn’t that cleaver? So instead of having an iPod in your watch, you have a watch in your iPod.

These are some pictures of the designs that are available:

New prices for the nano iPod are, $149 for 16GB and $129 for 8GB.

Now for the one new we have all been waiting for, the iPod Touch. For those of you that don’t know the iPod Touch is now considered the most popular portable gaming device. New in the iPod Touch are the ultra think designs, retina display, FaceTime, HD video recording, Gyro. Of course the new iPod Touch works on iOS 5, it has the iMessage app, and also uses the iCloud. It will be available in the black and white and is amazingly thin, it is just an absolutely gorgeous device. You will be able to get your hand on it starting from the 12th of October. Prices ranging 8GB is now $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399.

So that is all we hear about the iPod during the Apple’s conference earlier today.

(images via engadget )

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