Lion goes “extinct” as Mountain Lion is out

A CNET report tells about the “extinction” of Apple’s OSX Lion as the newer Mountain Lion OS rolled out last July 25, 2012.

Taken down from Apple’s App Store and in various Apple retail venues, the said “extinction” followed after the impromptu launch of the Mountain Lion, resulting to the now absent traces of the Lion in App Store and the unavailability of the OSX Lion Thumb Drive bundles found in stores.

The report notes that users who try to gain details and information pertaining to Lion are met with a notice, saying “Product not available.” Also, the report notes that previous patrons of the now-older OSX version can no longer find the software in previously available online portals or re-download the system also from previously available online channels.

The take-down of the older OSX version isn’t really anything new, given Apple’s tradition of taking down older Mac OSX versions from its online channels and retail venues once a newer version is out.

Though this tradition is one which can’t be ascribed as anything new, it remains to be an issue for those who are still on the OSX version preceding Lion, and want to upgrade to the newer Mountain Lion operating system, since hardware compatibility considerations require a step up to Lion first, before Mountain Lion can be effectively installed.

With Apple’s endearing “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials noted to say that Macs “just work”, it appears that Apple may have lost a number of its avid followers, given the hurdles they are imposing on their users in situations such as the take-down of the OSX Lion.

But to be fair, Apple has yet to come out with an official statement over the matter, and reactions will have to be put on pause until then.

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