LTE-capable iPad Minis to roll out within the next couple of days

As the iPad Mini was unveiled to the world in late October this year, the initial release of the gadget only featured the release of the device’s Wi-Fi only versions, with the release of its cellular-capable versions said to come after.

For those who’ve been waiting for the cellular-capable versions of the iPad Mini, reports from AppleInsider note that the LTE-capable iPad Mini will be shipped within five days’ time, with the report also keen on announcing the new iOS build for the iPad Mini and the new iPad 4 – the iOS version 6.0.1.

iPad Mini
After its pre order status was announced to be open days after its official unveiling, the iPad Mini Wi-Fi only versions had been reported to have sold out, saying something about how much “in demand” the product is.

With Apple recently posting sales stats at three million iPad Mini and iPad 4 units sold within a three day weekend sale period, those figures actually say something about the demand for the iPad Mini, something which complements the announced shipment schedule of LTE or cellular capable versions of the device.

As opposed to its Wi-Fi only variant, the cellular-capable version of the iPad Mini is reported to come in CDMA and GSM versions, with both capable of facilitating LTE mobile connections.

As LTE is typically marketed as 4G, a step up over 3G, the new cellular-capable version of the iPad Mini features direct mobile internet connectivity without depending on available Access Points or “WiFi Hotspots”, as it also allows for mobile calls and other mobile-based communications like text messaging support.

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