MacBook sales in the US drops by 6%, based on NPD data

A story published by AppleInsider touches up on the data gathered by the NPD Group, noting that there had been a 6% decrease in the sales of MacBook in the US, taking place during 2012 holiday sales season.

In the report, the NPD Group’s Weekly Tracking Service is noted to have revealed that MacBook sales from November 18 to December 22 were lower when compared to its sales performances in 2011, citing various reasons as to why the figures are so.

One of the reasons why the decline came to be is attributed to the pre holiday release of the 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, which was the only new model Apple had released before the holiday shopping season kicked off.

While the other members of the MacBook line had received updates in summer, the Cupertino-based brand’s fall lineup consisted mostly of new iPads and new iMac workstations, resulting to either a lack of interest or lack of confidence over the features of the mobile computer system.

Though MacBooks did encounter a domestic decline in sales, the report also shares that Windows had also experienced the same thing, noting that the sales of notebooks preconfigured with Windows was down by 11% when compared over last year’s stats, even with the new, touchscreen-enhanced Windows 8.

In total, the sales comparison between 2012 and 2011 was off by 3.7% for all consumer electronics sales in the US, with the report noting that it had “worsened” as the holiday season trailed on.

Informally, tablets are argued to have been the cause why MacBooks and Windows PCs failed to hit expectations.

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