Mac’s Shipments decline

While the sales performances of tablets and smartphones have been record breaking over the 2012 holiday shopping season, the PC side in the world of tech hasn’t been as active, based on the preliminary PC shipment estimates released by International Data Corporation (IDC).

As a firm, IDC is known for its market research analytics, with its quarterly released estimates proving to be a vital tool in assessing the sales performances of electronic consumer products.

In its most recent release, it is revealed that Apple had shipped out an estimated 2.03 million of its Mac computer series between October to December 2012, with that figure rated to be less than 3,000 when compared against the previous year’s figures.

Other computer brands like Toshiba also experienced a similar decline pattern through the 2012 holiday season.

In the United States, iMac shipments are rated to have been at 17.75 million units. Compared to the previous year’s 18.6 million, the current figure results to a 4.5% negative growth rate in assessing the sales performance of the series.

HP and Dell, as PC vendors, maintained their top places in the rankings, with HP now accounting for 27% of the US Market, while Dell is at second place taking a market standing at 19.6% .

Apple is then at 3rd place with its 11.4% market share, followed after by Lenovo and Toshiba.

In essence, the decline in PC shipments can be attributed to the increase of interests in tablets and smartphones, with such products bordering towards being the now-mainstay products of choice.

Bottom line, as tablets and smartphones are getting more and more popular, the concept of them taking the place of personal computer systems cannot be ignored.

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