Making and Receiving Calls Via Windows 8

It seems that Windows 8 will come withe the ability to make and recieve calls. This news comes from Long Zheng the known developer for Windows and Windows Phone, where he posted a number of posts suggesting that this capability will be available in Windows 8.
He posted in iStartedSomething:
“I love it when puzzle pieces seems to just fall into place. If the three pieces I found yesterday were any indication then it looks as if some Windows 8 slates will actually have the capability to make and receive phone calls through the cellular network. Cue the giant Windows Phone jokes.”
This picture was taken from the Microsoft’s BUILD 2011 confence where they demoed Windwos 8. If you see below there is a little icon satating that there is Missed calls.
This image was taken from a post by WinRumors, where you can see details of a person’s profile where he can send and recieve messages and calls.
The previous images strongly suggest that windows 8 with the supporting hardware that there will be this feature available. But before you start judging that the Windows 8 will just be a big Windows Phone, let us tell you that this is not the main feature of the upcoming tablets.
We think that the calling feature is going to be an added feature and that the user will need a Bluetooth headset so that they can use the phone feature. However, the ‘missed calls’ that are shown in the images above may just be an integration between Windows and Skype. due to the purchase that happeaned a time back.

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