miCal – The “Missing Calendar App for the iPhone”

Developed by entwicklungsschmiede UG & Co. KG, miCal is a standout app, an enhanced calendar management suite so robust in its highlight features that it has been dubbed as the “missing calendar app for the iPhone”.

Sporting an intuitive user interface, the app also comes with enhanced customization feature options, facilitating its use as a non-restrictive, relevant calendar management app for users.

With miCal, nothing scheduled is forgotten, regardless if we’re talking about family celebrations or important business lunch meetings.Among miCal’s highlights would be its capacity to allow for user “footnotes”, giving users more space in jotting down details of schedules and appointments. Users can also set custom colors for various types of appointment/schedule entries, making it easier for users to define and prioritize events. Users can even add details such as GPS navigation coordinates with appointments, giving more real value to scheduled events and appointments.

miCal also comes with an enhanced backup/export feature, facilitating the creation of ics files. This means that miCal users can send calendar/appointment details to other iPhone users, even if other users don’t have miCal installed.

Users simply have to export ics file information, and easily transfer them to other iPhones, wirelessly.

As an app, miCal has been dubbed as an “App of the Week” app in 13 different countries, and has been honored in various app and tech conferences, like the iTunes Rewind and the App-Developer Conference.

If you feel that the default calendar management suite sported by your iPhone leaves things for you a bit lacking, give miCal a go.

With an app dubbed as the “missing calendar app for the iPhone”, it just may be what you’ve been looking for.

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