Microsoft further pushes the new Office 365, increasing the price of Office 2011 for Macs

While it is no secret that Microsoft has been adamant in promoting the new Office 365, the brand recently implemented a price increase for one of its products, further driving its point.

Revealed in a report by Computerworld, the new pricing scheme for Microsoft’s phenomenal Office suite notes that the Office 2011 for the Mac OS is significantly more expensive than its more current Office 365 Home Premium.

Mac Office
With its price increased to as much as 17%, the move essentially says that Mac users are better off with the new subscription-based Office 365, with the suite positioned in allowing software productivity access to computers, tablets and other compatible online-capable devices.

Combining the ever-essential Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and more, the new suite’s featured online-accessible highlights proves to be greatly beneficial over its older, single-computer rooted versions.

However, it has to be said that since Office 365 is a subscription-based software/service suite, its use and benefits comes with recurring costs, though these terms aren’t as morbid as one would imagine them to be.

Also, though Microsoft has increased the price of its Office 2011 for Mac OS, third-party retailers like Amazon are still carrying the standard prices of the products, with how much these prices would change still being unclear.

Bottom line, as the new Office 365 had successfully rolled out some two weeks past, it appears that Microsoft is doing what it can in further promoting the new suite for PC and Mac OS users.

Which of the two would you gun for, Mac user? Office 2011 or Office 365 Premium

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