Microsoft “hinted” to churn out its answer to the iPad Mini

Microsoft recently updated its certification standards and rules for the development of Windows 8 apps and hardware components, with a new Windows 8 hardware certifications guidelines roster.

Apple iPad mini launch in LondonWhile the release of such a new set of guidelines hardly accounts as shocking news, the move is largely viewed by different industry experts and analysts as the initial steps which are made to pave the way for a smaller, more portable tablet device.

By the new Windows 8 hardware certification guidelines, the update essentially allows for compatibility with new devices which sport 1024 x 786 screen resolutions at depths of 32 bits.

With talk of an upcoming “Windows Reader” tablet device, the updated certification guidelines is widely viewed as Microsoft making way for the release of smaller, more portable tablets, though the move has been noted to be “criptic”.

CNet’s Ed Bott is noted to be one of the many who are convinced that Microsoft has intentions of rolling out a smaller-sized tablet variant.

Matched with the fact that 1024 x768 is the screen resolution sported by the iPad Mini (along with the iPad 2), the lower spec-ed screen size, as opposed to the base larger screen resolutions originally compatible with Windows 8, certainly does leave the image of Microsoft in the process of coming up with its answer to Apple’s iPad Mini.

With all the success of the iPad Mini as a product, a casual observer can’t be at fault in assuming that Microsoft is acknowledging the strong buying power and potential in the mini-tablet segment.

Should Microsoft’s “Windows Reader” actually roll out, will you be getting one for yourself?

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