Mobile Advertising: The Ins and Outs of Striking a Deal With it

Mobile advertising is a subset of mobile marketing. It is a simple form of advertising through cell phones. It helps sellers reach more customers easily.

You can also avail this option to market your product and reach more audience. Almost everyone has a mobile phone today. By utilizing one of the various mobile advertising methods, you can greatly increase your sales and earn more revenue.

Now the question arises how to really strike the best deal and make most out of it? First of all, you will need to understand your business, your customers and their needs. Given below are four most common mobile advertising methods.

Short Messaging Service (SMS)

SMS is one of the most popular methods of communication. It’s cheap, fast and easy. Almost every phone can send and receive text messages, with no need of any extra hardware or software. The text audience is rapidly growing, and you can cash in on this option. If you want to send any facts in the form of text to your potential customers, then this method is the best one.

Jack Philibin, co-founder and president of Vibes Media, agrees that SMS is not the flashiest or attractive way of advertising, but this is one method that really works. He adds that CTR rate for mobile ads is much higher than CTR rats of ads in e-mails and on websites.

Another great reason for selecting SMS is the fact that they are very instant. Research says that 90% of the text messages are read within five minutes of the delivery. Cash in on this great option now.

Mobile Phone Applications

Android, iPhones and Smartphone have brought a revolution in the world of mobile phones. They have not only made cell phones more fun, but also given a new path to advertisers. New android applications are released regularly. Big giant corporations come up with unique and exciting applications to promote their product.

This method is a little expensive (developing an application takes time and money), but works really well. If you think your application is worth it, you can also put a price tag on it and recover the cost that went in the production of the application. This one is preferred for big corporations and not small enterprises.

Mobile Sites

Now one can browse the internet on the cell phone. There are different internet plans for both PC and mobile phone users. You can take a look at Broadband Expert to compare internet plans and know more about the best one for you.

With the introduction of mobile sites, many companies came up with mobile advertising idea. Just like you see a pop-up or a banner on a website, when you open it on your PC or laptop, you can see a lighter version of the ads on the mobile too.

This method actually works and is really useful if your product is related to mobile. Imagine the kind of attention your ad will grab if it is about a unique website with mobile applications? This option is also very cheap. However, before doing so, make sure you choose a website that is usually opened from a cell phone and not just a PC. Not all websites have a mobile version.

Mobile Video

You can now browse YouTube on your mobile. There are many mobile video websites, software and applications available. If you have an advert for your product, then this is undoubtedly the best option. Your ads can be inserted in the video and are guaranteed to be viewed by viewers. This will mostly work with people who have good internet plans, as good internet speed is required for videos.

However, with the introduction of Wi-Fi, this problem has been solved to a great extent. You can take a look at Broadband Expert to compare internet plans and know more about the one that suits you best.

In order to strike the right deal, choose the right method carefully. Search for the advertiser you are looking for and tell them what exactly you want out of the advertisement. Expert’s opinion is also very helpful in this matter.

Also, keep an eye on the result. You can easily switch from one method to another if one doesn’t seem to be working. Search now to know about websites offering mobile advertisement services.

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