Mobile Gaming “coerces” Sony in rolling out FREE PlayStation Vita Developer Tools

With iOS users revealed to be more inclined for games downloads (based on a story posted by, the traditional gaming industry is at its wit’s end in implementing strategies that would reel in gamers back their way.

A report from Kotaku reveals that Sony, makers of the PlayStation and the console’s portable counterparts, talks about one such example, with the Japanese company recently rolling out free Developer Tools for its PlayStation Vita.

PS Vita
By taking down the costs pertaining to the development or porting of games to the platform, Sony’s move has significantly decreased the costs involved in the development of games, “coercing” more developers in churning out game titles for the platform.

Similarly, Nintendo is noted to be taking on a similar stance with Sony, with the company revealed to have rolled out kits designed to simplify the porting procedures and processes for its Wii U console.

With games like the recently released Iron Man 3 – The Official Game and Injustice: Gods Among Us made available in App Store, mobile gaming standards has easily gone beyond Angry Birds and Temple Run-themed games, with a growing list of titles from each and every game genre.

Matched with the fact that premium-rated devices like Apple’s iPhone 5 are built with powerhouse processors and incredible graphics processing units, it really isn’t strange to hear of established console makers doing what they can in reeling in the attention of iOS game developers.

What do you think? Think Sony and Nintendo have a big chance in winning over the popularity of mobile games and mobile gaming trends?

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