Mountain Lion’s “performance”

A report hailing from Chitika Insights notes that Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest Mac OS X release, is performing quite well.

With 3.2 % of web traffic revealed to have been recorded within the first two days since its release, the Mac operating system version is pegged into becoming one of the most quickly utilized and adopted operating systems in history.

Chitika Insights stands as the research arm of Chitika, which is an advertising company with interests, clients and stakeholders immersed and involved in various areas of the electronic consumer gadget markets.

Chitika Insights is primed in monitoring and analyzing web traffic which passes through its network, and notes that: “Based on Apple’s June 2012 announcement that there are currently 66 million Mac users in the wild, we can infer that 2.11 million Mac users downloaded OS X Mountain Lion in the past 48 hours. Using this figure, if we assume that 90 percent of these users paid to upgrade, OS X Mountain Lion generated $38 million in revenue for Apple in the past 48 hours.”

The report also notes that defining the exact paid download figure for Mountain Lion isn’t easy to 100 % define, given that Apple has ascribed a one-time $19.99 charge for the upgrade.

Based on previous records and charts, the new Mountain Lion’s figures are quite healthy, even with the fact that Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) maintains a huge chunk of Mac-inclined web-traffic at 45 % of the pie.

Given that it has already managed to capture 3.6 % of the web market, the successful release and acceptance of Mountain Lion – if it would follow through with Apple’s upcoming releases – may just be the thing that’d raise Apple’s overall market share figures.

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