MuscleNerd: Is Dead And Wait for

Bad news received today by the famous iPhone hacker Musclenerd , is dead.Till now the only way to jailbreak an iPad 2 was to be on iOS 4.3.3 and use the JailbreakMe 3.0 , which was accomplished by opening  to with Mobile Safari . Let’s check what’s happen, Although Comex was the one who is behind the exploit, he was not the owner of the domain. The owner a Twitter user called  ConceitedApps, who lent it to Comex for all of his three JailbreakMe userland hacks.

ConceitedApps figured that now that Comex is gone, he may as well cash in on the domain, and a few months ago, put it up for sale on GoDaddy. Now it’s been purchased, which means is no more. However, MuscleNerd promises that will soon host the JailbreakMe exploit, and that they will never sell the domain.

It’s sad , but we expect good news from chronic dev-team.

UPDATE: The iPhone developer notcom warns anyone from using from your devices:

The well-loved and well-known site we all have used for jailbreaking our devices in the past has sold its domain to a new, unknown individual. We cannot be certain of the new owner’s intentions. It is VITAL that you do NOT use anymore!

It’s sad that such a trusted domain was sold. This was a very secure means for jailbreaking via @comex’s userland exploit for iOS 4.3.3.

Keep in mind, the site may look exactly the same at some point in the future, complete with a working, unmodified jailbreak – with all that changes being the donate button target now being his wallet instead of @comex’s.

I encourage all to use instead!.

Via Cydia Help

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