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My GreatFest is something you never heard about before simply its The first iCommunity Convention ever held.Its brought by the founder Craig Fox” @flawlessfox”

Its consider the first iPhone Hackers conveyance in the world which the most famous Hackers will attend it,The organizer team has been working so hard just to be sure they didn’t left any thing important or useful in iPhone world with out mention it all the new highlights and upcoming happening and devices and information’s.

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MyGreatFest Schedule!

Now this timetable is a representation of what will happen on the stage throughout the day, this is in no way a strict timetable. We do urge all attending to walk around have some fun, play some games, look at the stalls etc.

9 to 9.15

Arrive to event, have a complimentary coffee or tea. Have a look around.

9.15 to 9.25


People to be seated, Craig Fox will welcome all to the event. And introduce team involved.

9.25 to 9.55

Aaron Ash aka @Aaronash

20 minute talk from Aaron Ash aka @Aaronash and a 10 minute Q&A

9.55 to 11.00

@P0sixninja and @iOPK

55 minute talk from @p0sixninja and @iOPK  (Chronic-Dev team members) and 10 minute Q&A session.

11 to 11.30 

Its giveaway time, walk around and talk with your iDevice friends.

11.30 to 12.55     LUNCH 😉

13.00 to 13.50


40 minute talk from @iDroidProject and 10 minute Q&A session.

13.55 to 14.25


20 minute talk from Carsten Heinelt aka @iFile4iPhone and a 10 minute Q&A session.

14.25 to 15.30


Grab a drink/snack & check out some of the great companies attending MyGreatFest, and play some games.

15.35 to 16.00


15 minute talk from James Whelton aka @Jwhelton and a 10 minute Q&A session. (iPod Nano hacker)

16.00 to 16.25

Short break to stretch your legs.

16.25 to 17.35


1 hour talk from Jay Freeman aka @Saurik and a 10 minute Q&A session

17.35 to 18.00

Craig Fox will come on stage and announce all giveaway winners and games tournaments winners.



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