Negotiations Between Apple and Music Labels for iCloud international Music Licenses

CNET published reports that claim that Apple is trying to secure international music licenses related to the iCloud. The reports even claim that there could be an announcement made in regards to the iCloud if they were able to reach a deal before the 4th of October.

If we are to believe the reports we have seen from CNET, then the countries that were mentioned to be able to benefit from these licenses will be Germany, France and the UK. We have heard that these licenses are expected to be similary to those in place with U.S. labels. If we remember correctly back in  May, Apple signed up EMI  and shortly after that Universal, Warner and Song had reach deals with Apple.

The New York Post posted in June, that Apple will pay somehthig between $100 million to $150 million to labels in order to get the iCloud up and running, so they must be hoping to reach any sort of deal before their big event in a few days!

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