New 9.7 inch iPads revealed with the Lightning Connector

As Apple has shown no signs of backing down on the implementation of its new all-digital lightning connector, a photo alleged to be a new 9.7-inch iPad coming with the Lightning Connector has recently been circulating online, said to be one of the many upcoming variants electronic consumers can expect from iDevices produced this year.

Posted and seen on, the photo highlights what can been described as the “shells” of two iPads, one being the current iPad “case” with its 30 pin connector, while the other is ascribed to be an updated case with its smaller-sized port area designed to accommodate the new connector standard.

New 9.7 inch iPads
The posting of the alleged new iPad with Lightning Connector photo comes in sync with the gadget community’s anticipation of Apple’s “iPad Mini” unveiling this week, along with the said scheduled release of the new iTunes, Apple’s fabled music management and purchasing software suite.

First unveiled during the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple’s new Lightning Connector has been the subject of a lot of criticisms, mostly touching up on how the new port connector standard is inclined to “accost Apple’s consumers in spending for new compatible hardware accessories”.

Though an adapter for older ports and the new Lightning has been announced to be around, different end users and accessory makers are still not all that okay with Apple’s decision on migrating its upcoming product lines with the Lightning Connector.

As it is still too soon to tell how Lightning would fair as Apple’s new port standard, it appears that Apple is well on its way on putting it in all of its releases, old and new.

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