New BMW Approved apps for the iOS, announced

Four new apps for the iOS mobile platform were recently rated as BMW Approved apps, affording users with a new set of enhanced connectivity and music playback and sound management options.

Included in the list are Audible, Glympse, Rhapsody and TuneIn.

Individually, the four iOS variants of the apps have raked in their own respective set of followers and fans, boasting impressive and user-experience immersed features.

Audible, as an app-service suite, allows users to easily play downloaded audio book and other spoken-word content, as well as gain access to Audible’s extensive library of stored audiobooks.

Glympse brings significant function to an iDevice’s GPS capabilities and capacities, positioned as a location-based information sharing app-suite. It essentially allows users the chance to inform their contacts about their whereabouts, as well as update location data through integrated social network services.

Lengthy introductions are not altogether necessary for Rhapsody, being one of the world’s biggest on-demand music services. The app-service suite is noted to have more than a million subscribers, boasting more than 16 million music options available.

As an internet radio application, TuneIn works well in combining music with news, from world news coverages to sports-news features. Noted to offer listener access to more than 70,000 AM, FM, HD and internet radio stations, the app gives new meaning to listening to the radio while driving.

In highlighting the above mentioned applications as BMW Approved apps, the automobile manufacturer essentially acknowledges how integrated mobile standards have become as everyday life mainstays, offering an impressive application set for its most discerning clientele.

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