New iPad rumored to roll out by April 2013

Following after the rumors of a new iPhone in the iPhone 5S set on being released this year, a new rumor has recently come up, this time touching up on the next iteration of Apple’s iPad line.

iPad rumored to roll out by April 2013Based on a report published by iMore, word has come up indicating that Apple is actually pushing for the earlier scheduled launch of its products this year, with the next generation iPad forecasted to come out by April.

Should this particular rumor prove to be true, it would mean that the new iPad will be coming out some six months since the release of the iPad Mini and 4th gen iPad.

Also, apart from touching up on the alleged release date of the next generation iPad, the report also talks about the scheduled release of the iPhone 5S, indicating that it will be coming out by August, roughly a month earlier than last year’s iPhone 5 unveiling.

It somewhat contradicts with other rumors revolving about the iPhone 5S, which is noted to come out by June.

In terms of specifications and hardware profiles, the rumors don’t exactly say much about hardware specs, essentially delving into the release date profiles and what the setup would imply.

If the next generation iPad does actually come out by April, it would be the first time that Apple did actually release product model increments within a six month timeframe.

Think Apple will really be rolling out its next generation iPad by April? Will you be getting one by then, even when the iPad 4 and iPad Mini are still valued as premium rated products by that time?

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