Nokia reported to follow Apple in ditching Samsung’s component supply services

While it is no secret that Samsung actually provides hardware components for various brands like Apple, it has to be said that the two giants’ relationship has be turbulent of late, considering that the two are, after all, each other’s rival in the mobile industry.

As it has been reported that Apple is little by little tapering its ties with Samsung, another mobile brand is revealed to be following suit – Nokia.

NokiaIn a report by Neowin, it is revealed that Nokia is allegedly in the process of finding another source for their mobile components, linking the matter to how Samsung is noted to have lifted design components from Nokia, implementing them into their “bendy” OLED models.

In retrospect, it has to be said that the form and design conventions of a number of Samsung’s tablets and handsets do bear distinct similarities with Apple’s, just as select Samsung mobiles bear certain design similarities with Nokias.

While the report doesn’t explicitly relate the who or when or why on the subject matter, the report essentially notes of the rumor, which, to the casual observer, would appear to be most likely.

What say you? Do you really think Nokia is going to follow Apple’s move in slowly finding other component suppliers for their products? Do you think Nokia could still stay afloat in its current standing without the services and component delivery capacities of Samsung?

Heck, do you think Apple could still stand on its own without Samsung backing them anymore?

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