Now Appearing in Apple's inventory system, the new iPod and iPhone 4

As the 4th of October is getting closer, and anticipation for the Apple event id becoming greater and greater. There have been two announcements from Apple that have been revealed in Apple’s internal inventory system.

The first of these is regarding the iPod Touch. It has been stated that 3 new iPod models have appeared in the system.  Their code names are N81A. For those unfamiliar with Apple’s code names, you will be interested to know that N81 is the code used for the fourth-generation black iPod touch. So the A is most likely representing the string of the new white models. Since we have only heard of three new iPod models it is highly likely that these models will not be updated and that their storage capacity will remain the same as it is now. These capacities are now: 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

The second of these announcements has been about the iPhone. As we have been updating our readers that there has been talk of Apple intending to announce 2 new iPhones at its event next week. But the catch is that the SKUs that have showed up in the system are marked as tweaked iPhone 4S. The code name for the new device is N90A and this represents that there is going to be only a minor change from the previously announce iPhone 4. There are possibilities that the two codes could just mean that there will be a black and white model, but no confirmations have been yet received.

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