Out of the Box “Wear and Tear” on brand new iPhone 5 units

Cosmetic defects found on second hand gadget purchases are something which most second hand buyers are very well acquainted with.

But what about brand new product buyers? Should signs of “wear and tear”, in the form of nicks and minor scratches be acceptable?

A number of brand new iPhone 5 owners note that such cosmetic defects are found on their new iPhones, based on reports from different online entities like Apple Insider.

“Scruffgate” is one term which has been gaining traction of late, particularly with iPhone 5 owners who have noticed some cosmetic defects on their newly purchased iPhone 5 units.

A report from Apple Insider notes that iPhone owners have gone to social media sites and forum sites in talking about “launch-day iPhone 5 units” bearing signs of defects, with their numbers significant enough to actually populate its own Twitter hashtag “#Scuffgate”, reminiscent of the iPhone 4’s “antennagate”.

The report notes that complaints found in forums and sites says the same cosmetic defects are found in black and white variations of the iPhone 5, with the “dents” on the black version being more noticeable than those on the white versions, mostly in the phone’s “backplate” areas.

The report also raises a similar case when the latest iPad was launched early this year, and goes as far as linking the two cases as a possible “manufacturing process flaw”.

What it exactly is, we’ll have to wait and see what Apple has to say over the matter.

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