Protect Your Beautiful New iPhone!

So the fantastic new iPhone 5S is upon us! With a massively improved user interface and iOS in place, along with the retention of the excellent chassis and the addition of a truly superb camera, the iPhone 5S really is an impressive step forward. Android lovers will no doubt point at screen size and a lack of obvious bells and whistles, but for those users of iPhones who love the fact that these phones ‘Just work’, it’s all good news. The one thing we have to say though, is that the advent of a new Apple phone almost always tallies with a rise in smartphone theft! Everyone wants to get their hands on the next best thing from Apple, thieves included!

Insurance Is Essential

Of course, there’s nothing you can do to totally protect yourself, but a good insurance policy is probably the best bet. You obviously have to take on board a monthly charge for the privilege, but what’s a few pounds against losing your iPhone forever? If you’ve got a contract, you face either buying an inferior model to get you through the remainder of 24 months, or a hefty bill of around £600 for a brand new unlocked phone just to get you back to square one! This article in the Huffington Post neatly illustrates the massive problem with stolen iPhones. There really isn’t a product out there which is more sought after by criminals, and you couldn’t find something that was easier to steal. The fact is, you could be having a conversation with someone while walking down the street, and it could be plucked from your fingers mid conversation! It sounds far-fetched, but it’s on view, and an easy target for an opportune thief!
iPhone Protection

Who to Use?

So insuring is obviously the best option, but this of course means choosing who to use. That can be difficult, but there’s no doubt that if you’re looking for a well thought of company that offers a fair price, then Protect Your Bubble have to be worth a look. Their prices start from just £5.99 for the iPhone S, and this gives you a great level of cover. You can relax about anything going wrong with the phone for starters, with accidental cover coming as standard. Obviously theft is covered, and you can get covered for loss as well, which is ideal for the clumsy and forgetful ones out there! You’ll also be glad to know that liquid damage and cracked screens are also covered by this catch all policy, so if you are looking for insurance for your iPhone 5s then there are worse places to try.

Keep Up with the Jones’s

As you would imagine, the iPhone 5s is receiving rave reviews, and it’s going to one of the most popular phones ever. Millions of people are going to be snapping this phone up for months and even years to come. On this basis you’re doing the right thing buying one, but make sure you also do the right thing by protecting it once you own it!

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