Prototype of the iPhone 4 for sale on e-Bay (1 Million Dollar)

A prototype of the iPhone 4 was auctioned on E-bay and within hours had already reached a whopping 1 Million U.S. dollar , despite the seller declares it as not working or useful for spare parts.

The seller declares that it is an iPhone 4 black of the testers. The serial number appears to be invalid and can not be activated with AT & T sim, when trying to activate it through iTunes, the program informs the user about the impossibility of activating the device to go to the store and called AT & T or Apple Store closer.

1. iPhone has wear on the frame, some small marks on the rear cover, small marks on the screen. No cracks and no deep scratches.
2. Volume buttons don’t have the usual + for upper button and – for lower volume button
3. Phone will not activate on at&t and when syncing with iTunes it says that this phone can not be activated with at&t sim card it won’t activate (please review picture #10)
4. On rear cover Model No.: XXXXX FCC ID: BCGAXXXXX IC ID: 579C-AXXXXX (please review picture #8)
5. Front screen and rear cover has some type of numbers printed on the inside.

The device is apparently similar to the one obtained by Gizmodo. TNW first posted an article about the auction listing where they note that “the ‘DF1692’ you see etched on the lower right of the front and back is a unique code that makes sure Apple can keep track of what prototype belongs to which employee.”

It’s unclear whether Apple will request that eBay pull the auction.


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