Push e-mail Notifications for Sparrow

As an email client, Sparrow is one which Mac and/or iPhone users are well acquainted with, given its immersed benefits and links with Gmail and Google Apps.

Also sporting the modern minimalist design ethos which has put Mac and its products on the map, Sparrow is one elegantly designed email client, a true enough example telling hardware and software developers that form and function can be combined into one.

However, as fully-featured as the Sparrow email client is, it has one “aspect” in email client/management left uncovered – push e-mail notifications.

If you’ve ever wanted push e-mail to come with Sparrow in your iPhone, here’s are quick workarounds in making it so.

Sparrow Push e-mail on a Jailbroken iPhone

Jailbreaking your iPhone is not illegal, but it does render warranties as void. Essentially, Apple doesn’t go for jailbreaks because jailbroken iPhones tend to veer away from their App Store Approval policies.

In the case of enabling Sparrow push e-mail features, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone, but if your mobile is already jailbroken, all you need to do is make use of a tweak known as “Sparrow Push”.

The tweak can be utilized as an alternative the the iPhone’s built-in Mail app, and can facilitate the posting of live notifications on screen when the Sparrow app is on the background.

BigBoss repo offers the tweak, for free. Another tweak known as Sparrow+ is also available via Cydia.

Sparrow Push e-mail on a non-jailbroken iPhone

For non jailbroken iPhones, Sparrow push email features can be “rigged” with the use of Boxcar, a downloadable application that is available for free, though with in-app advertisements.

Simply put, the Boxcar app facilitates a link between standard email push notifications and Sparrow. All an iPhone user has to do is install Boxcar, create a Boxcar account and set it up to work with Sparrow.

Users will have to initially “Add a Service”, then pick out “Email Account”, then input email essentials like name, alert type sound type, etc. The key thing is to enable the “Opens” option, selecting Sparrow as the client option.

After dealing with the configuration, author an email and send it to the Boxcar email account you had entered. Make sure that the email address you use is different from the one you’ve used in setting up your Boxcar account.

You will then receive an email with instructions telling you how to complete the setup of a Boxcar email alert.

Offhand, the emailed instructions would indicate that you’ll have to configure your phone to forward incoming mail to your Boxcar address. You can then do a test, and if configurations are on the spot, you’ll then receive a Boxcar notification which can be utilized in launching Sparrow when email alerts come up.

So if Sparrow push email is a gripe for you, do well in following the tips noted here, and do away with this particular Sparrow “downside”.

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