Quicksilver for Mac OS X releases Version 1.0 after being in “beta” for 10 years

The app launcher for Max OS X systems known as Quicksilver recently made waves, with the official release of Quicksilver Version 1.0.

While a version 1 release of a utility software bit doesn’t exactly come as earth-shattering news, the fact that the application has been on a Beta run for ten years has put the new Quicksilver Version 1.0 in the spotlight.

Quicksilver for Mac OS X releases Version 1.0 after being in “beta” for 10 years
Featuring in-app enhancements and bug fixes, the new Quicksilver 1.0 is positioned as a task manager and application launcher for desktop and all in one Macs, portable Macbooks and Macbook Air units.

Highlighting support for enhanced keyboard shortcuts, the application also comes with support for mouse gestures, which Quicksilver dubs as “triggers”. Also developed with nifty customization features, users of the new Quicksilver can define how files are handled when they are selected, calling about different sets of given actions from “open” to “play”.

The utility also affords enhanced task management control, from easily closing open applications running in the background.

Developed to address the system related control and task manager issues often encountered by Mac OS X users, the new Quicksilver Version 1.0 is developed to work on Mac OS X systems 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.

As a downloadable utility, the application is available for download and use for free, with donations for its future development accepted by its authors though convenient payment/donation portals.

Mac OS X users who aren’t all that keen on the system’s built-in launcher and task bar may just find what they have been looking for in the new Quicksilver Version 1.0.

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