Real Racing 3 for the iOS – The racing game of racing games

iDevice owners are quite familiar with the Real Racing game title series, famous for taking on a real-life take in the highly immersed world of racing cars and races.

From the initial release of Real Racing in 2009, the franchise’s popularity led to the release of a sequel, with its third iteration proving to the world that there’s more to Real Racing than an age-old gameplay premise that revolves around what is standard or generic.

Real Racing
Its third version – Real Racing 3 – essentially raises the standards of mobile racing games, bearing a consol-like graphics factor that maximizes the functional utilization of an iPhone’s or iPad’s hardware specs.

Rooted on the premise of high definition graphics, the title’s first version was among the first games to actually come with 1080p full HD support, a highlight which still continues to be in its latest version.

Apart from showcasing superior graphics and real-life like rendering of automobiles, the tracks featured in the game are also based on real tracks, the Leguna Seca track being one. The actual playable cars featured in the game are also based on real cars, with autos by Doge, Porsche and Audi featured as part of its playable cars option.

Robust in its overall scope as a mobile racing game, Real Racing 3 continues to live up to what its first version had kicked off, further raising the bar in where life like games of its caliber are rooted on.

In the simplest of terms, for iDevice owners keen on finding a worthy, must-install racing game title, look no further than what Real Racing 3 has to offer for you.

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