Resolving the “flared effect” on iPhone 5’s camera

The iPhone 5 has been hailed for being one of Apple’s fastest selling smartphones, but as that growing reputation remains to be, concerns related to a number of its featured software and hardware highlights have been voiced out by a number of current iPhone 5 owners.

iPhone 5 camera
A “flared effect” being noticed in its camera would be one of the latest.

Apple had recently released a support document touching up on the issue, one which has been described as iPhone 5 users noticing a “flared effect” or a “purplish haze” when capturing images or videos in outdoor and bright sunlight environments.

Given that the iPhone 5’s more enhanced camera is one of the smartphone’s more featured highlights, the issue had caused quite a stir. As relatively “small” as the issue can be pegged to be, iPhone 5 users aren’t all that pleased with the situation, prompting Apple in releasing support documentation that is made to help its users resolve it.

In the support document, Apple describes the problem as one that is borne from shooting certain scenes in bright locations. Direct sunlight, when at a certain angle, causes for internal reflections inside the camera unit/module, thereby affecting the image detected by the camera sensor.

Shifting the camera’s position, or temporarily blocking the direct sunlight source could either lessen the “flared effect” on screen, or entirely do away with it.

Simple, quick and easy, resolving the “flared effect” symptoms experienced with the iPhone 5 isn’t all that complex. But in its existence, questions touching up on the overall build and quality of the iPhone 5 have already been raised, and is something Apple has to pay close attention to, lest loose its loyal line of followers.

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