Revealed: Apple's New Fifth Avenue Store Cube (Videos)

The new Apple store opening on the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan was set to reopen at 10:00 AM this morning. And we have no got pictures and even a video of the completed design that we have been hearing about for a couple of days now. For the first time we see the finalized image of the glass cube.

Photos were provided by MacRumors, and if you can not tell from the pictures then we will tell you that the cube is indeed larger than the one that previously existed in that area. Also this cube seems a lot lighter and slicker as it has done away with most of the hardware that previously held the panes of glass together.

Apple has also upgraded the plaza, refreshing or installing new water drains and pavers while removing the small bollards that had previously surrounded the cube.

This is a video that shows the new cube after it has been finalised. The video was provided by  patjem2 who took it showing a group of customers waiting outside the cube waiting for it to be opened.

This next video shows the cube Apple store as it first gets opened and the very first customers go inside.

Via Macrumors

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