Rumor has it: 5th-gen iPad alleged to roll out after the “iPhone 5S”

Following after its report delving into the rumored release of multiple body color options for the “iPhone 5S”, Mac Otakara blog posted a report talking about how the next generation iPad would be making its debut after the “iPhone 5S”.

With the “iPhone 5S” expected to make its debut by this September, the upcoming 5th gen iPad is rumored to follow after it, featuring a “rear mic” as part of its new hardware component upgrades.

Rumor has it  5th-gen iPad alleged to roll out after the “iPhone 5S”

As a full-sized tablet, the upcoming 5th gen iPad is noted to feature a 9.7 inch sized screen, with certain design elements of the iPad Mini to be found in the device. These design elements would include a thinner bezel around the tablet’s screen and rounder edges.

The upcoming next generation iPad is also expected to be lighter than its predecessor, with its lightweight body taken after the design features of the iPad Mini. Its lightweight base is expected to be 15% lighter.

A more efficient power consumption factor is also expected from the next gen iPad, with its battery reported to take up most of the weight of its internal components.

As a portable electronic device, the iPad is arguably viewed as a pioneer of the tablet industry, responsible for making the tablet the mainstay home consumer electronic product it has become today.

Though its standing as a tablet pioneer is widely viewed as an overrated take in describing the product, it has to be said that its release had actually propelled more attention heading towards tablets and its similar product variants.

Will you be getting a new iPad this year when the 5th gen iPad rolls out?

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