Rumor has it

Its no secret that there’s a lot of things going on with Apple, from the recent launch of the latest Mac OS X Mountain Lion, to the ongoing rumors circulating around the new iDevices pegged to come out within the year.

As active as Apple has been, here are three rumors which have been quite active since the release of Mountain Lion.

Re-Downloading OS X 10.7 – a number of online sources have noted the disappearance of Lion, the OS X version replaced by the new Mountain Lion, leaving many to assume that there is now no way to re-download the previous OS X version.

However, various sources note that there is a way to still re-download Lion (OS X 10.7) via the Mac App Store, for those who had previously purchased the operating system.

It’s said to be a simple matter of going to Mac App Store, then clicking on the Purchases tab, then clicking on “Purchases”, which would add the Lion OS X Icon to pop up in the list. Users can then easily download the OS to a bootable thumb drive.

For-Windows malware found in App Store – an app dubbed as “Instaquotes: Quotes Cards for Instagram” was reported to have been found in Apple’s App Store, and was reported to contain the Windows malware known as WORM/VB.LY.24.

With the app/malware now taken down from App Store, the details of the story, if proven to be true, makes one wonder how it got there in the first place, leaving behind the question – How secure is the App Store, really?

Facebook for iOS to-be revised – with sentiments not inclined to favor the Facebook for iOS app, rumors are saying that former Apple employers have been hired by Facebook to make a redo of the badly accepted application.

What this means for Apple’s and Facebook’s relationship, given that they had actually partnered in the integration of Facebook in iOS 6, makes one wonder about what is to come in the days ahead.

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