Rumor: Next iPhone to feature Powerful Assistant, With1GB RAM

Rumors have been going around for a while about a new iPhone feature. These rumors have been confirmed as we have received reports from 9to5Mac, that the next generation iPhone that is awaited to be launched next month will have a feature that has made it sound more than amazing. This feature is an amazing voice control and device navigation system called Assistant.

Our source reported to us that the iPhone 5 will come packed with 1 GB of RAM and the Apple A5 dual-core processor, as well as a vastly improved 8 MP camera. 9to5 Mac also reported that the new iPhone will have Qualcomm’s Gobi Baseband chipset for the user to use as a true world phone.

The new application, Assistant, unfortunately is a game-changer, there are claims that the Assistant is the same Voice Control that was in the iPhone 3GS, that was launched in 2009. The technology behind Assistant comes from Siri, a company that Apple bought last year and has been working with even since. This feature will not be able to run on the existing iPhones as it needs  the power of the A5 CPU as well as the 1 GB of RAM.

The feature works by holding the home button for a couple of seconds, after that the microphone interface slides up from the bottom screen, it will cover up quarter of the screen. This opposes the currently present Voice Control. It’s more like an better an imprved version that can help you do anything.

If the user wants to send an iMessage without typing, the user could just say the name and what they want to text and the text is done. Assistant takes the order and does what it is told to do. Users can also use Assistant with the location-based reminder feature in the iOS Reminders app, so for example if you want your phone to remind you to by bananas when you reach the supermarket it will do so. There are also voice command it you want to know how to get to a place you can ask and the feature will give you directions.

Assistant also has a conversation ability, where it creates a conversation with the user in order to provide the best results. For example, if the user is trying to set up a meeting, they would tell the feature “I want to set up a meeting on Friday” the feature would ask “With whom?” The user would say, “notify Mr Smith and Mrs Jones,” the logical question is now, “Use work email or home email?” so they would tell Assistant to notify them using the work email and then the email would be sent, and a notification in your calender made. It’s exactly as a human assistant.

Our sources have told us that you can speak to the Assistant in your normal voice tone and it would understand you accurately. Another interesting feature of this new application that it is likely to be packed with a privacy setting that is called “Find my Friends”. This feature the user could ask the phone where a certain friend is and the iPhone would display her location. Provided  that she/he has made her location view able to others. This could be very useful for finding TUAW teammates at Macworld Expo 2012.

As with all rumors and leaked information this could all be a plot that Apple has drawn out to first and fore most to figure out who is leaking information for Apple to the press and secondly to get all iPhone fans excited for the upcoming events. If the new iPhone are anything like what we’ve heard then we think that Apple will most likely has a winner on its hands.

Source: 9to5Mac 

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