Rumor Update: Apple to open R&D facility in Shanghai, Summer 2013

We last talked about ongoing rumors, noting that Apple has voiced its intentions of moving its data servers and a research and development division into China.

An update to that rumor recently came out, with BrightWire (via CNet China) indicating that Apple is expected to announce the development of a new research and development site in Shanghai by summer, this year.

Apple Establishes R&D Center in Shanghai
Based on the report, the said facility is proposed to entail a total of three buildings, each having six floors. Reported to be set in an expanse covering total of 100,000 square feet, reports indicate that Apple had long planned in setting up the project in China some six or seven years in the past.

As with our previous feature, Apple’s relocation to China is positioned towards offering better services to the fast-growing Asian market, with countless business analysts and studies noting how much of an advantage setting up shop in China would be for the Cupertino-based brand.

With Tim Cook, Apple CEO, noted to have recently visited China, the reports have been quite adamant in expecting the rise of an Apple research and development site in the Pudong area in Shanghai.

Cook’s recent visit to China this month makes it his second visit to the region within a ten month time frame. During his more recent visit, he had met with Miao Wei, head of industry and information technology of the country. Reportedly confirmed, Cook is also noted to have met with executives of China Mobile, one of the world’s largest wireless carrier companies in existence.

All in all, the ongoing reports of Apple’s presence in China proves to describe it as being bullish in making its presence more known in the region.

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