Rumored 12.9-inch iPad not likely to happen anytime soon

Word has recently come up that the iPad Air and the 2nd gen iPad Mini are likely going to stay as the latest installments of the iPad series this year – save perhaps a refresh in the current iPad model.

Based on the sentiments of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the rumored “iPad Pro” – which is alleged to come with a 12.9 inch sized screen – is not likely to roll out anytime soon, though different digital media outfits and blogs indicate that it is currently in development.

What’s most likely going to be launched this year is a refreshed version of the iPad Air, one which Kuo notes would come with an updated A8 chip and the nifty security and functional benefits of a built-in fingerprint scanner.

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According to Kuo, the rumored “iPad Pro” is more or less going to be in development this year, which means that its development would also affect the iPad Mini’s development and release path.

Long story short, Kuo is convinced that a new iPad Mini to roll out in the later parts of 2014 are slim, matched with the unlikely roll out of a new iPad that features a larger, close to 13 inch sized screen.

The analyst also shares that the odds of the “iWatch” making its debut earlier than a 12.9 inch sized iPad and updated iPad Mini are more likely to be, considering all the attention the “wearable technology” scene has been getting of late.

Think Apple’s trend in releasing new iPads every year finally come to a halt?

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