Samsung and Apple lead the US mobile market

Not surprisingly, Samsung and Apple dominated the mobile market in the United States, based on the stats recently featured by Comscore.

The stats indicate that Samsung is actually leading the mobile industry in the US, raking in a 26.3% total of the market share, followed by Apple’s 17.8%. The figures were followed after by brands LG (17.6%), Motorola (11%) and HTC (6%).

smartphone fight
In its recently featured analytics, Comscore had taken the time to analyze mobile data statistics within a three month period, which ended last October 2012. The figures were based on the mobile data activities of more than 30,000 participants – mobile subscribers who are based in America.

The analytics also surveyed what people were using their mobile phones and mobile subscriptions for, with 75.9% of its respondents using their mobiles for text messaging, 54.5% using them for apps downloading, while 52.7% used their smartphones for mobile browsing.

37.9% of the survey’s respondents used their mobiles for social networking purposes, while 33.8% were quite engaged in mobile games playing.

In terms of mobile operating system platforms, Google’s Android mobile OS is at the lead, taking as much as 53.6% of the market share. Apple’s iOS raked in 43.3%, as Microsoft, Symbian and RIM collectively totaled 15%.

With 121.3 million Americans having smartphones in the United States, the dominance of the smartphone as the new mobile tech standard is certainly underway, with that figure having reported to have increased by 6% when compared against the gathered stats and figures taken in July 2012.

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