Samsung reportedly sues Apple for notification center

Minus perhaps its timing, Samsung is reported to have finally done what many had expected it to do, in relation to the ongoing “patent war” it is going through with Apple – it has sued Apple for the similarities with its notification center feature.

Reported to have been filed in South Korea, iNews24, a Korea-based news portal, reports indicate that “Samsung Electronics has brought a lawsuit against Apple in court in South Korea over its ‘Notification Center’ patent infringement”.

No other details have regarding the news have been disclosed of late.

As a feature, the Android OEM’s Notification Center has long been considered to be one of the mobile operating system’s more “prefect” features, with countless sentiments noticing how Apple would agree too, given how similar Apple’s own notification center is.

Though Samsung doesn’t exactly own the patents for the Android operating system’s Notification Center, Google, the brand behind the ‘droid, is said to have been awarded the patent for its notification center just recently, leaving many to assume that the recent awarding is what had propelled Samsung in taking its patent infringement flag against Apple.

With the way Apple has been active in bringing Samsung to court for patent-related cases, the brand’s followers have been frustrated with how it hasn’t enacted a “counter”, one which would hurt the Cupertino-based brand as much as it had done on Samsung.

The recent news of Samsung reportedly suing Apple on the same grounds Apple had sued Samsung comes as interesting, one which delves into asking the question – How would the verdict go in this new case?

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