Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini?

While the mid-range market for smartphones and tablets has proven itself to be a powerhouse arena for gadget manufacturers, word of Samsung intent on unveiling an 8-inch sized Note device has been a recent hot topic.

Noted by Samsung-focused blog SamMobile to come with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800, the said Galaxy Note 8.0 is also reported to roll out with Android 4.2 as its operating system, powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core processor that is complemented with 2 gigs of RAM.

ipad mini
Also noted to bear Samsung’s S Pen stylus, the tablet certainly alludes the image of a device that is aimed against Apple’s iPad Mini, given the fact that the 8-inch device is at close measurements against the smaller iPad variant.

However, based on its reported specs, the Galaxy Note 8.0 raises the question as to why its release is pertinent, given that there already is a mid-range tablet offering from Samsung, in the Galaxy Tab 7.

Is the feature of a stylus-backed tablet really that essential in the functional use and navigation of a tablet? Does the extra inch in screen real estate stand as a worthy come on for electronic consumers?

Apparently, Samsung thinks so, should the Galaxy Note 8.0 be truly immersed and aimed to capture the iPad Mini’s target market.

But while mid-range priced tablets do boast price point advantages to electronic consumers, the practical upsides found in hybrid convertibles can’t be ignored, considering that they also have been making their own share of followers.

Bottom line, there may be an upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0 that just may be aimed as the iPad Mini’s competitor, but just how long will tablets remain to be key players in the mobile gadgetry realms with hybrid convertibles now out in the market?

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