Siri Facing a Sever Hiccup

Siri‘, the iPhone 4S‘s famous personal assistant which has been bragged about by Apple since the launch of the iPhone 4S seem to be having a few problem. It is disappointing that the problems have already started only a month after the announcement of the iPhone 4S and this technology which amazed everyone. This problem seem to be quite significant as it has been ongoing for at least a couple of hours now. It appears as an error message were Siri saying that it is unable to connect to the network.

Apple has labeled Siri as in beta mode and is in continuing process to improve the technology and its infrastructure. Apple has already launched the iPhone 4S in 30 countries, and is expected to launch it in 15 more some time next week. Sales have been expectional although Siri only supports 3 main languages and 3 dialects, English (US, UK, and Australia), French, and German. Still customers seem to be amazed by the new iPhone 4S, although Siri seemed to be the main attraction there are other things that iPhone customers are seeing in the new iPhone 4S. And we hope that with the new improvement of Siri that new languages will be added so more people around the world will be able to experience having their very own personal assistant.

We hope that this hiccup Siri is facing is indeed just a hiccup and will go away with a nice glass of water :), metaphorically speaking of course we don’t want anyone actually giving Siri water.


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