Slashed iPhone prices at BestBuy and Target

In an expected twist of events, Apple and a number of the brand’s authorized resellers have slashed the prices of current iPhone models, an act which is attributed to have been caused by an announced Apple media event scheduled next month.

The event is forecasted to be the ascribed launch of the next iPhone model, currently unofficially dubbed as the iPhone 5.

To date Target, one of the biggest sellers of consumer electronic equipment, is selling the iPhone 4S (16GB versions) at $179, under contract with Verizon and AT&T, while the giant sellers of mobile phones, digital cameras and home entertainment systems, BestBuy, is selling the iPhone 4 (8 GB versions) somewhere between $49.99 to $99, still under contract with Verizon and AT&T.

The price reductions, as any casual observer would note, is one that falls in line with the announced September 12, 2012 media event organized by Apple, which is primarily expected to be the launchpad of the new and upcoming iPhone.

The “iPhone 5”, as many have come to call it, will be the 6th iPhone incarnation since the first iPhone ever came out, and is pegged to be an industry game changer, though by how much it could change the smartphone landscape will appear to be seen.

With all the rumors of specifications and other reported “leaked photos” of the next iPhone, anticipation over its upcoming release has been very high, with many Apple and non-Apple devices fans eagerly waiting what the new iPhone can do.

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