SOL Republic Tracks Headphones – For the Budget Conscious Audiophile

Everyone knows that listening to music with “earbud headphones” doesn’t really cut the audio experience boasted by their “over the ear” counterparts.

But as everyone is aware of how impressive “over the ear” headphones are, their price is also generally set to be more expensive when compared against “earbud headphones”, leaving most to just go with whatever available earbud option comes their way.

The SOL Republic Tracks Headphones, an over the ear headphone class, comes to combine the price and audio benefits for portable music listeners, and its compatibility with the iPhone, iPad and/or iPod touch makes it a worthy iDevice accessory for music lovers.

As such, it remains to be the headphone of choice for the budget conscious audiophile.

SOL Republic Tracks Headphones – Quality within Budget

It has to be said that the SOL Republic Tracks Headphones can be out-performed by its more advanced model versions, but tagging within the $100 price range, it remains to be a popular over the ear headphone choice for iDevice users.

With remote control and microphone features, the SOL Republic Tracks Headphones has no problems working with iPhones, iPod touch mobiles and iPads, with a matte-finished headband and elegant overall finish which complements with the modern minimalist look iDevices are famous for.

Using the SOL Republic Tracks Headphones is quite straightforward and easy, calling users to simply plug the set to a given mobile, then press play for audio playback. What follows would leave users to sit back and relax to some impressively delivered tunes.

No frills when talking about design and compact in terms of overall form, the SOL Republic Tracks Headphones is an impressive option to have as an iDevice accessory, one which delivers superior audio quality without necessarily leading iDevice users to go broke.

If you’re on the lookout for an impressive budget-friendly over the ear headset for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the SOL Republic Tracks Headphones is one item you should look closely into.

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